Proposte di collaborazione dall´Europa e dal mondo

Aggiornate al 13 luglio 2017

Unioncamere Liguria, partner ufficiale della rete Enterprise Europe Network, offre alle piccole e medie imprese del territorio interessate a rapporti con l'estero un servizio di ricerca partner a fini tecnologici, commerciali e per progetti di ricerca e innovazione. Il servizio viene erogato attraverso l’accesso alla banca dati POD (Partnership Opportunities Database) creata dalla Commissione Europea ed accessibile solo tramite i punti locali delle rete Enterprise Europe Network.

Il servizio di ricerca partner è completamente gratuito in quanto finanziato dalla Commissione Europea.

Di seguito si fornisce la sintesi delle ricerche partner più recenti. Qualora siate interessati ad uno o più profili vi invitiamo a volerci contattare via mail (, segnalando il codice di associato al profilo e trasmettendo una presentazione sintetica della vostra azienda e delle vostre competenze (in lingua inglese).

1) A Polish company which is running the biggest vegan market in Poland as well as online shop is looking for suppliers of 100% vegan products like food, detergents, pet food and others in order to expand the company product portfolio. Unique and extraordinary products are of particular interest for the company. The company is offering distribution agreements or alternatively seeking manufacturing agreements for private label. 
Rif. BRPL20160706002


2) A Dutch trade agency is specialized in dried fruits, honey, juices, saffron, and other food products. The company wants to expand its portfolio and is looking for additional agricultural (famers) and food producing companies from Italy to represent that want to market their (bulk) food products in the Netherlands and/or the EU. The Dutch company offers agency services agreements.
Rif. BRNL20170515001 


3) A Hungarian SME, which deals with the distribution of health related products (medical devices, dietary supplements) is open to various cooperation possibilities based on trade intermediary services. The company is looking for new products to widen its range of products, especially nutraceuticals and medical devices. The company is looking for partners from the European Union and Switzerland.
Rif. BRHU20170530001


4) A Portuguese company, acting commercially in the sectors of renewable energy (wind and solar) and energy efficiency, is looking for partnerships (commercial agency agreement and/or distribution services agreement) with other companies that have innovative energy solutions/products and seek their commercialization/distribution in the Iberian Peninsula and Portuguese Speaking Countries.
Rif. BRPT20170522001


5) A Polish company dealing with development of web and mobile applications is currently working on a localisation and measuring system for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry and would like to find partners experienced in camera behaviour detection technologies, capable of improving the offered system. Technical cooperation agreement considered.
Rif. TRPL20170627001


6) The Dutch company is globally active and a major producer of specialty chemicals supplying the entire polymer chain with products that help to make and modify polymers.
The company is looking for carbon friendly technologies to recycle end-of-life plastics, especially in areas that complement their existing technologies e.g. polyolefins.
Cooperation with partners would be in the frame of a research or a technical cooperation agreement.
Rif. TRNL20170614001


7) A Chinese company specializing in biomass fuels is looking for testing equipment that can measure major parameters of biomass fuels simultaneously. Any testing technique of biomass fuels is welcomed. The company wishes to find partner with universities, companies or research institutes. Research and Technical cooperation agreements are sought. The company is also open to other collaboration agreements.
Rif. TRCN20170527001


8) A Greek e-health company has developed a personalized wellness solution which enables the consumer to collect, integrate and access personal health and wellness information and translate them into lifestyle changes for improved health. It is looking for high-tech partners in UK, Cyprus, Romania, Italy and Spain who would be interested in acquiring this application.
Rif. TOGR20170602001


9) Spanish technology centre specialized in circular economy and revalorising agricultural waste is seeking consortium to prepare a proposal for BBI.D4 2017 call (H2020-BBI-JTI). The aim is to develop new fertilizers from organic wastes. Partners sought are entities interested in this area, such as: companies from agrofood sector interested in valorising their wastes, research and technology organisations with experience in this area or consultants with knowledge in bio-based products market.
Rif. RDES20170616001


10) A UK industrial biotechnology network is preparing a consortium and proposal to address the BBI D2 call under H2020. The consortia is seeking large industrial partners who could be end-users for products produced, such as exopolysaccharides, algae biomass, phycobilliproteins. The project will study the integrated multi-valorisation of algae into advanced materials and high added-value additives.
Rif. RDUK20170619001


11) A non-university research organisation from Germany currently sets up a proposal for "H2020 SwafS-11-2017 Science Education Outside the Classroom". The project will establish a European network of Open Science multipliers.  The organisation is looking for research partners (non-university research organisation, university, educational facility) with expertise in informal education, open science, citizen science for several work packages.
Rif. RDDE20170623001