Proposte di collaborazione dall´Europa e dal mondo

Aggiornate al 20 novembre 2017

Unioncamere Liguria, partner ufficiale della rete Enterprise Europe Network, offre alle piccole e medie imprese del territorio interessate a rapporti con l'estero un servizio di ricerca partner a fini tecnologici, commerciali e per progetti di ricerca e innovazione. Il servizio viene erogato attraverso l’accesso alla banca dati POD (Partnership Opportunities Database) creata dalla Commissione Europea ed accessibile solo tramite i punti locali delle rete Enterprise Europe Network.

Il servizio di ricerca partner è completamente gratuito in quanto finanziato dalla Commissione Europea.

Di seguito si fornisce la sintesi delle ricerche partner più recenti. Qualora siate interessati ad uno o più profili vi invitiamo a volerci contattare via mail (, segnalando il codice di associato al profilo e trasmettendo una presentazione sintetica della vostra azienda e delle vostre competenze (in lingua inglese).



A Spanish Hospital is looking for a Biomedical Engineering Company o Research Center with expertise in the development of Nanoconjugates, Magnetic Nanoparticles and/or Immunotechnology.
The main aim of the proposal is the development of an implantable device that help stop the advance of the Alzheimer disease.
Deadline for answering: 15th December 2017
Deadline for Call: 16th January 2018
Project duration: 104 weeks


A Czech SME is looking for partner in order to develop an integrated system able to minimize the negative impact of highways construction and operation on the environment and on the wildlife, with the aim of optimizing the cost of their preparation, construction, maintenance and related safety.


3) PARTNER SEARCH FOR CE-SC5-08-2018 AND CE-SC5-07-2018-2019
A Brussels-based European umbrella organization is looking for a consortium for Horizon 2020 projects about the recycling of raw materials from e-waste within the following 2 topics 1) CE-SC5-08-2018 a) Voluntary scheme for certification of treatment facilities for key types of wastes (2018) and 2) CE-SC5-07-2018-2019 b) Recycling of raw materials from end-of-life products. The organization could provide its experience and expertise in the field of e-waste in EU projects.
The organization is looking for a consortium, including for a coordinator, for the following topics in Horizon 2020 – Societal Challenge 5 Climate action, environment, resource efficiency & raw materials
1) CE-SC5-08-2018-2019-2020: Raw materials policy support actions for the circular economy a) Voluntary scheme for certification of treatment facilities for key types of wastes (2018).
Opening: 7 Nov 2017 Deadline : 27 Feb 2018
2) CE-SC5-07-2018-2019-2020: Raw materials innovation for the circular economy: sustainable processing, reuse, recycling and recovery schemes b) Recycling of raw materials from end-of-life products (2018, 2019)
Call Opening: 7 Nov 2017
Deadline : 27 Feb 2018 (First Stage) and 04 Sep 2018 (Second Stage




4) A multinational shipping enterprise with a registered base in Scotland (UK) is seeking novel approaches to replace regulated safety checks on inflatable lift rafts on cargo and passenger ships with another method to guarantee the reliability of these rafts in the event of an emergency. The company is looking for partnerships via a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement. The company is especially interested in technologies that are near to market.
Rif. TRUK20171107001


5) A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods looks for cost effective, commercial ready material replacement of resin or low cost fillers that can be added to resin as blend to yield savings in the molded part. Industrial partners or research centers are sought for license agreement or technical agreement with the large account
Low cost resin or fillers for thin wall injection molding. 
Rif:  TRBE20171016001 


6) A German SME specialised in mobile robotics (e.g. for public transport) is looking for partners to carry out the testing of robots, software and sensor fusion to precisely image reality. Proof of concept studies as well as the development to market maturity of theoretical robotics concepts and concept designs for the automation of manual processes in highly secure environments for data transfer are major tasks. Research and technical cooperation agreements are sought.
Rif. TRDE20171023001


7) An Italian SME is planning the launch of a novel product range based on vegetable papers (non-wood paper) to propose more sustainable approach to production cycle and is looking for innovative papers, based on agricultural waste or alternative fibres (such as hemp, flax, sugar cane,...) to be used for primary food packaging. The SME is interested in contacts with paper industries for research or technical agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Rif. TRIT20171011001


8) A Spanish research group has developed an environmentally friendly and cost-effective procedure to obtain β-amino alcohols, a valuable precursor to synthetize biologically active compounds (morpholines, amino acids. etc.) on an industrial level. These products can also be employed in drug synthesis. The researchers are looking for enterprises that produce organic compounds. They are interested in license or technical cooperation agreements.
Rif. TOES20161019002


9) A Spanish university has developed new biobased phase-change materials with enhanced thermal properties that can be applied for waste heat recovery in industrial processes. These materials can be produced from natural sources as fats and oils usually considered by-products in the agro-food industry and can be recycled.  They are looking for industrial partners interested in a technical cooperation or a license agreement.
Rif. TOES20171023002


10) An Estonian research group is looking for partners to pilot a patented filter for extracting heavy metal ions and radioactive elements from water. Contaminated water is an acute problem across the world, and currently no efficient technologies exist to efficiently remove multiple heavy metals and radioactive ions with one method. The proposed technology is cost efficient, causes minimal waste, and is adaptable to any piping system.
Rif. TOEE20171024001 




11) A Swedish company selling packaging products to the fast food industry is looking for a manufacturer to produce a new range of disposable packaging products. The new products should be made out of bio-plastics or recycled materials. Targeted markets are the Baltics, Eastern Europe, the UK, Italy, France, Spain, among others.
Rif. BRSE20171116001 


12) UK company specialising in solar pv technologies is seeking a partnership with a third party who can supply and work in collaboration to explore printable photo-absorber materials. Examples include nano-particles and quantum dot based materials such as CIGS.
The partner will be required to supply pv material to be used in the testing and development of lightweight, flexible and low cost solar panels.
A services agreement is offered, a joint venture agreement would also be considered.
Rif. BRUK20170823001 


13) A company based in the north east of England specialising in developing an ultra-low cost flexible solar pv technology is seeking a partnership with a barrier film manufacturer.
The company requires the supply of transparent thin barrier film to support the ongoing development of the technology.
A services agreement is offered to the manufacturer.
Rif. BRUK20160219003


14) A small Slovenian company from Primorska region specializes in the production of innovative LED lights for museums, showcases, showrooms, restaurants and bars. The company is currently developing a new LED light. The company is looking for a manufacturer or supplier of specific aluminium J/U profiles. The company offers manufacturing agreement.
Rif. BRSI20171107001


15) A French SME is a designer of wood, metal, glass, cardboard and plastic based store furniture used as displays and counter displays. They are very well known in the surf wear industry and experienced in sports stores refurbishment activity.
They are seeking new suppliers in Europe that are competitive in quality/price ratio, from Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Portugal or Italy. A subcontracting collaboration would be proposed to the new partner.
Rif. BRFR20151129001


16) A company from Lithuania manufactures, installs and maintains highly advanced and technologically proprietary biological wastewater treatment plants. Company is actively interested in expanding export markets and finding reliable partners abroad for manufactured products’ distribution activities.
Rif. BOLT20161124001


17) A Swedish company within the field of smart homes is offering an unique window & door sensor letting the customer know if they have closed all windows & doors properly through their smartphone without having to see the devices itself. The company is now looking for resellers and distributors who have direct access to the consumer and installer market, in the field of smart homes in France, Italy, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom.
Rif. BOSE20160608001