Opportunità dall´Europa nel settore del Turismo

Di  seguito  una  selezione  delle  più  recenti  opportunità  commerciali  provenienti dalla rete europea Enterprise Europe Network rivolte agli operatori e alle imprese italiane.

Per approfondimenti sui profili vi invitiamo a voler inviare una mail all’indirizzo alps.europa@ge.camcom.it riportando il titolo o il codice della proposta di interesse e specificando il tipo di collaborazione/professionalità che si intende mettere a disposizione.


Innovative application that connects tourists and local people: transforming cities into smart cities
TOES20200325001A - Spanish company with wide experience in developing smart solutions and providing IT services, has developed an innovative application which centralizes information on culture, gastronomy and tourism of a city or location. This app aims to connect tourists and local people to their physical environment in an agile and direct way. The company is seeking ICT integrators willing to cooperate under licence agreement.

Romanian photography artist seeks international business partners for concluding outsourcing agreements
BORO20200323001 - Located in Transylvania, a Romanian photography artist, specialised in cultural, pets photography and travel journals, offers photography, video production and post-production services under outsourcing agreements.

The Slovak IT company specialised in inventing and developing tailored software solutions thanks to disruptive technologies, offers its services through outsourcing or license agreement
BOSK20190213001 - The Slovak company is specialised in IT technologies, mobile and web applications. It is also specialised in chatbot development, virtual and augmented reality – as one-stop shop for design and development of tailor-made digital products. It is seeking companies in need of software solutions under outsourcing or license agreements in the EU. The company is looking for partners from start-ups to big players which are thinking about having created tailor-made IT products.

Public alert terminal for marine submersion and flood risks
TOFR20200219001 - A French small company developed an innovative digital urban furniture that can be placed in city centers or near the shore in order to inform and to alert in real time the population about the risks of marine submersion, flooding and other risks in a geo-localized area. The company is interested in manufacturing agreements, license agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

City tourism in Germany from another perspective - co-operation in tourism via a commercial agency agreement
BODE20200220001 - A German tourism and marketing company wants to start and establish its activities in the Danish and Polish market. It is looking for cooperation partners, like tourist information centres and/or tour operators (for individuals or travel groups). Another objective is the spreading of information about the city of Magdeburg and its surroundings as a tourist destination. The foreseen type of cooperation is a commercial agency agreement.

UK company specialising in digital signage software seeks reseller and distribution partners
BOUK20200304002 - This UK based company specialises in developing Windows-based digital signage software to help businesses, education and organisations to promote their products and services on display screens and touchscreens. It has a good presence already in its local market and overseas and wants to expand further on an international level and in varied sectors. Its software is offered for distribution and for reseller partners.

Multifunctional software platform for the optimization of hotel operations
TOGR20200205001 - A Greek SME IT company has developed an integrated hospitality platform for both individual hotels and multi-property hotel groups. It is specifically designed to optimize the internal communication, streamline hotel operations and provide better services to the customers. Partners active within the hotel industry and/or accommodation services are sought in order to implement the proposed solution. The collaboration will be based on commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Simple digital signage software for quick content creation compliant to corporate design on advertising screens and displays
TODE20200128001 - German SME offers an easy to use software solution to add perfectly designed content on advertising screens and displays within seconds. The simple digital signage software combines cloud-based content creation and display software in one. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are offered to customers in Europe that would like to apply the software for screen advertising or as information system. It is especially suitable for franchise or multiple store enterprises and hotel chains.