Proposte di collaborazione dall´Europa e dal mondo

Aggiornate al 5 giugno 2017

Unioncamere Liguria, partner ufficiale della rete Enterprise Europe Network, offre alle piccole e medie imprese del territorio interessate a rapporti con l'estero un servizio di ricerca partner a fini tecnologici, commerciali e per progetti di ricerca e innovazione. Il servizio viene erogato attraverso l’accesso alla banca dati POD (Partnership Opportunities Database) creata dalla Commissione Europea ed accessibile solo tramite i punti locali delle rete Enterprise Europe Network.

Il servizio di ricerca partner è completamente gratuito in quanto finanziato dalla Commissione Europea.

Di seguito si fornisce la sintesi delle ricerche partner più recenti. Qualora siate interessati ad uno o più profili vi invitiamo a volerci contattare via mail (, segnalando il codice di associato al profilo e trasmettendo una presentazione sintetica della vostra azienda e delle vostre competenze (in lingua inglese).

1) Polish SME from Lower Silesia region is a manufacturer of healthy oatmeal cookies of high quality. The SME seeks producers of vegan dark chocolate drops for baking to cooperate within a manufacturing agreement.
Rif. BRPL20170331001


2) A Portuguese company, acting commercially in the sectors of renewable energy (wind and solar) and energy efficiency, is looking for partnerships (commercial agency agreement and/or distribution services agreement) with other companies that have innovative energy solutions/products and seek their commercialization/distribution.
Rif. BRPT20160414001


3) French company specialized in the sale of foodstuff wants to diversify its range of products. They are looking for manufacturers of meat, cheese, delicatessen and wine. They propose distribution agreement to worldwide providers.
Rif. BRFR20170418001


4) A northern German SME with a well-established network and extensive know-how in maritime and shipping wishes to extend its contacts to manufacturers or suppliers of maritime components, services or ICT/software in need of sales and marketing representation for the German maritime market. Commercial agency agreements are sought.
Rif. BRDE20160412001


5) An Austrian SME is looking for a control unit that can supply a constant nitrogen gas stream with cryogenic temperatures (= temperature range between -100°C and -185°C). The unit has to control a gas stream that ensures a steady temperature within a chamber. The SME is looking for partners from industry or academia to co-develop the unit under technology cooperation agreement. 
Rif. TRAT20170403001


6) A French company, specialized in Biotechnology, is urgently looking for solution to measure in real-time pH variations for in-vivo biological applications. The SME is willing to test an already developed equipment of pH level detection, wireless and communicant. The SME is looking for partner offering such an equipment for a Commercial agreement with Technical
Rif. TRFR20161124001


7) A Korean company specialized in manufacturing hydrogen generators and PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell systems has developed compact and lightweight products ranging from 200W to 1KW for UVA, drone etc. The company has tested the performance of the fuel cell and hydrogen generator using a UAV and succeeded in making it fly for a long time. The company hopes to find a partner for commercial, license, manufacturing, research cooperation or technical cooperation agreement.
Rif. TOKR20170403001


8) A Turkish company in ICT sector located in Istanbul, is working on data processing, data security with various vertical applications.
Acronymed  as "Entrust" under the program call Addressing Advanced Cyber Security Threats and Threat Actors - DS-07-2017, the project is about targeting the issue of  "Digital security in the presence of evolved threats, encrypted traffic, and possible insider attacks".
The company is looking for partners under research cooperation.
Rif. RDTR20170407001


9) A Korean SME, specialized in smart meters, smart grid devices, and solutions is applying for the Eurostars2 project. The SME is developing a portable EV charger that a consumer can charge their vehicle anywhere and the billing system is established and is looking for partners to work on monitoring and managing energy and assistance in developing Electric Vehicle portable cable technology.
Rif. RDKR20170228001


10) A Korean retail and wholesale company for agricultural products is looking for partners to proceed with the Eurostars2 project. The SME intends to develop a nanofiber film for protecting food and extending the storage period. The company is searching for SME, R&D institutes, universities that specialize in agricultural product packing, food manufacturing, and distributing.
Rif. RDKR20170228006