Proposte di collaborazione dall´Europa e dal mondo

Aggiornate al 17 aprile 2018

Unioncamere Liguria, partner ufficiale della rete Enterprise Europe Network, offre alle piccole e medie imprese del territorio interessate a rapporti con l'estero un servizio di ricerca partner a fini tecnologici, commerciali e per progetti di ricerca e innovazione. Il servizio viene erogato attraverso l’accesso alla banca dati POD (Partnership Opportunities Database) creata dalla Commissione Europea ed accessibile solo tramite i punti locali delle rete Enterprise Europe Network.

Il servizio di ricerca partner è completamente gratuito in quanto finanziato dalla Commissione Europea.

Di seguito si fornisce la sintesi delle ricerche partner più recenti. Qualora siate interessati ad uno o più profili vi invitiamo a volerci contattare via mail (, segnalando il codice di associato al profilo e trasmettendo una presentazione sintetica della vostra azienda e delle vostre competenze (in lingua inglese).



1) H2020-LC-SC3-EE-9-2018-2019: coordinator and a bank sought for joining a proposal on evaluation tool for financing of Energy Efficiency projects by banks.
A Bulgarian SME together with partners from Norway, Belgium and Portugal prepare proposal under the call H2020-LC-SC3-EE-9-2018-2019 “Innovative financing for energy efficiency investments”. They will develop and disseminate new tool for evaluation and financing of Energy Efficiency projects (EEP). The project is based on already existing financial tool to be customized for end-users. Partners sought are: an experienced coordinator in Horizon 2020 and a bank to validate tool's functionalities. 
Deadline for EOI: 15 May 2018 
Deadline for Call: 04 Sept 2018
Rif. RDBG20180309001


2) An Estonian spectroscopy company is looking for partners for H2020-EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020 SME-2 SME instrument phase 2.
The SME with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy is looking for SME partners active in breast cancer diagnostics and treatment. The partners involved in the SME-2 project (H2020-EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020) should be active in clinical measurement services and capable to carry out infrared spectroscopic measurements of „in vitro“ samples from patients with breast cancer and from healthy persons.
Deadline for EOI:  01 May 2018 
Deadline for Call:  23 May 2018 
Rif. RDEE20171228001


3) [EUREKA] A Korean company is seeking R&D partners for developing sensor-embedded seat for automobile.
A Korean SME specialized in manufacturing seat frames and components for automobile, is preparing a project proposal under the EUREKA programme. The R&D project proposal is about developing sensor-embedded seats for automobile to measure and analyse driver’s physical condition. Company or institute with expertise and experience in sensor technology is welcomed to join the consortium for R&D collaboration.
Deadline for EOI:  01 Jun 2018 
Deadline for Call:  29 Jun 2018 
Rif. RDKR20171212001


4) Eurostars2: A Korean company is looking for R&D partners to develop Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor networked smart product.
A Korean SME, a leading company in distribution industry of system integration and solution merged with information technology (IT) seeks partners for Eurostars2. The SME is concentrating on IoT and sensor networked smart products. R&D institutes, universities, or companies that have expertise in IoT are sought to improve the techniques applicable on IT industry. Therefore, the technology and products would be more innovative through this project under research cooperation agreement.
Deadline for EOI:  30 Aug 2018 
Deadline for Call:  13 Sep 2018 
Rif. RDKR20180302001




1) A UK biomaterials SME has developed novel peptide hydrogels that can be modified to mimic different tissues and provide a cost-effective, animal free 3D matrix to support a range of cell culture applications.  The company is looking for partners in the fields of 3D cell culture, assay development, cosmetic/ pharmaceutical testing, and bioprinting to build up new application case studies/ assessments under Research or Technical cooperation agreements, potentially to further collaboration.
Rif. TRUK20180319002


2) An East of England company has developed a tool to predict ligandable binding sites on protein targets with high accuracy and confidence. They seek industry or academia owning targets of high therapeutic relevance, for which there are no known, or good, ligands available. Type of cooperation: research or technical co-operation agreement.
Rif. TRUK20170323001 


3) A UK-based pharmaceutical SME is looking for novel small molecules that have activity against the molecular processes that lead to fibrosis. The SME will further develop these novel compounds to improve their efficacy and safety profiles with a view to licensing the improved molecules to larger pharmaceutical companies to take onto the market. The SME seeks to partner with universities, research Institutes and companies in the form of a licensing agreement or technical cooperation agreement. 
Rif. TRUK20180404002 


4) An Italian SME has developed state-of-the-art engineering competence on diesel engine design with specific development of a diesel/electric hybrid powertrain for off road applications. It’s searching for technical and research cooperation and manufacturing agreement with international partners, expert on the power electronics associated to the electrical portion of the hybrid powertrain, to be applied on off-road machinery.
Rif. TRIT20180221001


5) A Macedonian company, dealing with organic production, is searching for a partner in the field of technology investment support for the part of production dealing with products for agriculture and ecology. Investment would be used for provision of equipment needed to complete the production line of the product portfolio. The company is interested for joint venture agreements.
Rif. TRMK20170216001 





1) A Slovenian permaculture institute active in the area of permaculture based production and reselling of food is looking for companies active in the field of degradable packaging for vegetables and for companies active in the field of production of organic vegetable seeds. The Slovenian company would like to buy organic vegetable seeds and degradable packaging for vegetables of potential foreign partner and sell the products in Slovenian market under a distribution services agreement.
Rif. BRSI20170206001


2) A Bulgarian company specialized in trading with metals and metal products is looking for partnership with suppliers and/or manufacturers of metals and metal products under distribution services agreements. The company is interested in partnering with companies from France, Germany, Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom in order to distribute their products on the Bulgarian market.
Rif. BRBG20160810001


3) For employment and placement of workers in German companies, a personal placement and temporary employment company from Saxony seeks skilled workers in health and geriatric care as well as in the industrial sector electricians, metal/construction workers, installers for sanitary facilities, heating and ventilating systems or high qualified workers of other business fields according to the job specifications. Therefore cooperation with similar agencies, based on a services agreement, is sought.
Rif. BRDE20170330001


4) A Belgian company is a commercial agency dedicated to helping innovative companies enter the Belgian market. It represents brands in cycling and green energy solutions. With extensive knowledge and connections in different distribution channels the company help foreign companies expand their business in Belgium.
The company is focused on specific industries: cycling, mobility, eco-friendly solutions.
Rif. BRBE20180314001 


5) A Polish SME from the Lower Silesia region is looking for a supplier of disposable Microneedle Radiofrequency (MRF) microneedle modules for fractional RF microneedle machines. The company seeks manufacturing  agreements.
Rif. BRPL20171128001 


6) A UK medical diagnostics company providing a wide range of medical diagnostic reagents, test kits, microbiology media, EIA (Enzyme Immuno Assay) tests, rapid tests, glass vials/ bottles, dropper/pipette assemblies which has an established worldwide market seek partners who would benefit from their marketing manufacturing, packaging and distribution ability in over 100 countries and are able to supply new technology to complement the existing range for a distribution services agreement.
Rif. BRUK20161020001


7) An UK, Danish & US distributor of B2B niche smart energy and home automation systems is looking to grow their product portfolio by working with partners who can supply either software or hardware products in the smart energy, energy saving or home automation systems arena for a distribution services agreement or joint venture
Rif. BRUK20170316001


8) A Romanian company specialized in the wholesale of natural food products and superfoods is looking for producers and/or suppliers of natural food products and superfoods, able to deliver in bulk. The Romanian company is offering cooperation under distribution services agreement.
Rif. BRRO20170224001 


9) A Barcelona (Spain) company specialized in the mechanization and manipulation of plastics is offering its manufacturing services for subcontracting, outsourcing or manufacturing agreements for partners in some European countries.
Rif. BOES20170913001


10) This Spanish company is the producer and manufacturer of a device consisting in solar energy panels used to generate electricity to power the charging ports for general consumer electronics. This device is to be installed on top of outdoor sun umbrellas/parasols.
They are looking for distributors in several European countries as well as in the United States of America to promote its use in restaurants and bars with outdoor seating.
Rif. BOES20180306005 


11) Innovative Slovak company operating in the field of development and production of 3D printers is looking for distributors of their 3D printers. They are looking also for investors into their technology (here they prefer the cooperation via financial agreement). As the company is active in a brand new technology field, they are able to offer their expertise and know-how in 3D printing and development of 3D printers via subcontracting.
Rif. BOSK20170131001