Proposte di collaborazione dall´Europa e dal mondo

Aggiornate al 15 marzo 2018

Unioncamere Liguria, partner ufficiale della rete Enterprise Europe Network, offre alle piccole e medie imprese del territorio interessate a rapporti con l'estero un servizio di ricerca partner a fini tecnologici, commerciali e per progetti di ricerca e innovazione. Il servizio viene erogato attraverso l’accesso alla banca dati POD (Partnership Opportunities Database) creata dalla Commissione Europea ed accessibile solo tramite i punti locali delle rete Enterprise Europe Network.

Il servizio di ricerca partner è completamente gratuito in quanto finanziato dalla Commissione Europea.

Di seguito si fornisce la sintesi delle ricerche partner più recenti. Qualora siate interessati ad uno o più profili vi invitiamo a volerci contattare via mail (, segnalando il codice di associato al profilo e trasmettendo una presentazione sintetica della vostra azienda e delle vostre competenze (in lingua inglese).



1) H2020-ICT-26-2018-2020 : technology providers sought for an AI (Artificial Intelligence) on-demand platform.
A Spanish company working in robotics is preparing a proposal for the topic H2020-ICT-26-2018-2020 "Artificial Intelligence" (AI). The aim of the project is to create a European AI-on-demand platform to mobilise the European AI community to support businesses and sectors in accessing expertise, knowledge, algorithms and tools to successfully apply AI thereby generating market impact. Technology providers experienced in AI are sought.
Deadline for EOI:  19 Mar 2018 
Deadline for Call:  17 Apr 2018
Rif. RDES20180215001


2) H2020-SC1-HCC-03-2018: Support to further development of international cooperation in digital transformation of health and care.
A Spanish ICT company is looking for partners to join a proposal to the call H2020-SC1-HCC-03-2018 “Support to further development of international cooperation in digital transformation of health and care”.It aims to develop a collaborative cross-border ecosystem to exchange ICT knowledge in the area of AHA (active health aging).The partners sought must hold expertise in the AHA sector: public universities, R&D institutes, ICT developers, policy makers/agencies and related stakeholders.
Deadline for EOI:  23 Mar 2018 
Deadline for Call:  24 Apr 2018
Rif. RDES20180221002


3) H2020-ICT-29-2018: Technology providers experienced in natural language processing sought for a European multilanguage grid.
A Spanish company working in artificial intelligence (AI) is preparing a proposal for the topic H2020-ICT-29-2018 “A multilingual Next Generation Internet”. The objective of the project is to create a European multilanguage grid which mobilises the European AI community to support businesses and sectors in accessing expertise, knowledge, algorithms and tools to successfully apply AI thereby generating market impact. Technology providers with expertise in natural language processing are sought.
Deadline for EOI:  30 Mar 2018
Deadline for Call:  17 Apr 2018 
Rif. RDES20180221001


4) In search for research institutions, NGOs and/or SMEs for H2020 Hubs of Entrepreneurship call. 
SME from Bosnia and Herzegovina specialized in social and economic development, climate and environmental actions is searching for partners (SMEs, NGOs, R&D institutions) to apply for H2020 project. The main objective of the project is boosting heritage and culture-relevant innovation and entrepreneurship in historic urban areas and cultural landscapes.
H2020 SC5-20-2019 call. Partners with expertise in cultural/historic innovation, enterpreneurship, climate and environment action sought.
Deadline for EOI:  31 Mar 2018 
Deadline for Call:  19 Feb 2019 
Project Duration:  54 week(s) 
Rif. RDBA20171108001 


5) [M-era.NET] Looking for partners for developing high performance composites utilizing bacterial nanocellulose.
A government-funded Korean research institute is preparing for a project proposal under M-era.NET in 2018. The main goal of the joint research is to create high performance composites utilizing bacterial nano cellulose materials and to further develop process for forming sheets and application studies. To this end, the institute seeks partners specialized in bacterial nano cellulose materials. A reliable and technological company, university, and a laboratory are all welcomed to join for R&D.
Deadline for EOI:  01 Jun 2018 
Deadline for Call:  30 Jun 2018 
Project Duration:  144 week(s)
Rif. RDKR20180112001


6) H2020-SC3-RES-1-2019 : Companies with expertise in photovoltaics fabrication, power device, sensors are sought.
A French university will act as a coordinator of a European project aimed at developing new approaches for the fabrication of power devices. The consortium has identified 2 relevant calls to implement this project : LC-SC3-RES-1-2019 and LC-NMNP-32-2019. Industrial partners active in semiconductor electronics/sensor/photovoltaic (PV) are sought to complete the consortium.
Deadline for EOI:  31 Aug 2018 
Deadline for Call:  16 Oct 2018 
Rif. RDFR20180219001





1) A young French company specialised in agribusiness produces fresh and healthy juice. In order to strengthen its activity, the SME is urgently looking for a cold press machine (new generation hydraulic press or screw press). The objective is to extract 100 liters/hour of juice from various recipes based on a mixture of herbs, vegetables and fruits. The SME is seeking commercial agreement with technical assistance with a manufacturer of semi-automatic agrofood equipment.
Rif. TRFR20180223001


2) A Turkish medical devices manufacturer wants to develop its hemodialysis application filters. The company wants to transfer know-how from Germany, Italy, Japan concerning hemodialysis application.
The company is looking for partners under licence agreement and technical cooperation agreement.
Rif. TRTR20160909001


3) An Italian SME is planning the launch of a novel product range based on vegetable papers (non-wood paper) to propose more sustainable approach to production cycle and is looking for innovative papers, based on agricultural waste or alternative fibres (such as hemp, flax, sugar cane,...) to be used for primary food packaging. The SME is interested in contacts with paper industries for research or technical agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Rif. TRIT20171011001


4) A UK university has developed synthetic antibody technology that offers benefits over traditional antibodies. The university is looking for industrial end-user partners to validate this synthetic antibody technology as part of a proposal to a UK funding competition. Preference is to partner with companies that work with biomarkers, such as the cardiac biomarker troponin. It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of a research cooperation agreement.


5) A Dutch start-up developed a state of the art technology to remove the plastic waste from the high seas. This year the company will launch a system to collect floating plastic debris from the Pacific Garbage Patch. The material  that will be collected will be 50 % of High Density Polyethylene fish nets and 50 % of rigid plastics. The SME is looking for a partner to work in the frame of manufacturing agreement to process the fish nets to granulates that can be used for making new products.
Rif. TRNL20180219001


6) A team of Polish scientists active in the field of packaging materials and systems has developed fully biodegradable packagings for the food industry. They are made from paper-based materials, starch or a polymer derived from renewable resources. Besides being environment-friendly, the packagings are also thicker than the products available on the market, have high water-resistance and antibacterial properties. The scientists are looking for business partners interested in the license agreement.
Rif. TOPL20180219001


7) A French start-up designs a bioconversion equipment. This is an insect refinery transforming bio-waste into animal feed coupled with a wastewater phytopurification system. This equipment could bring economic solution for agro producers in area where animal and vegetal proteins are currently imported.
The SME supports the users to achieve the profitability of the equipment. It is looking for partners to help it to launch pilot-projects under a financial, joint-venture or research agreement.
Rif. TOFR20160607001





1) A Turkish marine company, based in Antalya, works with repairing, maintenance, sales and purchase of jetskis, boats, marine engines and selling various types of marine equipment like yacht buoys, hose, fender, life vest etc. They are looking for new suppliers in a range of marine products.
Rif. BRTR20170921002


2) The French tech start-up has developed a solution for the travel and tourism sector. The technology is based on a recommendation engine for in-destination activities. The start up is looking for distribution services agreements.
Rif. BOFR20170620001


3) A company from Turkey,active in the field of building and construction materials wholesale and retail, willing to broaden its product range and therefore is searching for new suppliers and offering distribution services agreement.
Rif. BRTR20161216001 


4) A Japanese wholesaler of printability testers and other laboratory related products wishes to conclude a distribution agreement with EU suppliers of these products. Their main customers include major Japanese printing, ink, paper and chemical corporations. The company is looking for innovative laboratory products used for quality control and R&D, as well as for testing the behavioural properties of chemicals, pulp & paper, graphic arts and ink products.
Rif. BRJP20160923001


5) A Finnish engineering workshop manufacturing systems and valve centers for industrial use is looking for new European suppliers for ball valves, pneumatic actuators and limit switches. The company is also interested in finding a European subcontractor for metal spinning manufacturing. The cooperation is considered to be in the form of manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.
Rif. BRFI20170223001


6) The Romanian company is present on the parapharmaceutical market for over 10 years. The business line covers a wide range of medical devices (medicinal cotton wool, cotton gauze products – gauze bandages, sterile and nonsterile cotton gauze swabs, on request other cotton gauze products).
The company is looking for a distribution services agreement and/or a manufacturing agreement. A financial agreement for a partial transfer of shares is also envisaged by the company.
Rif. BORO20160714001


7) A Portuguese producer of cellulosic pulp and recycled raw materials such as packaging, pallets, pallet boxes and fibers, is looking for investors and business partners to help and expand the business in Portugal. Acquisition and joint venture agreements are desired.
Rif. BOPT20170706002 


8) The Czech SME is focused on manufacturing, development and other services in the environmental area, where the company concentrates on technology supply and processing of biologically degradable waste and its further use. The Czech company is looking mainly for a partner that is able to sell its product on a foreign market using distribution agreement or a partner for realization specific parts of the project via subcontracting.
Rif. BOCZ20171124001